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All Tom Balding Bits™ have pure copper inlaid sweet iron mouthpieces. The result? Maximum acceptance, increased salivation and a more relaxed response. Precision balance and craftsmanship deliver optimal performance whether in the hands of the most experienced trainer or a new rider.

All bit mouthpieces displayed at 50 percent actual size.

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House Snaffle™
Loose rings give ample play without pulling through the mouth. Mouthpiece is noticeably more mullen for wraparound pressure on the bars and more tongue relief.

Balanced Snaffle™
The only snaffle that puts perfectly balanced pressure on both bars without one side being higher than the other. Eliminates the scissoring action of a snaffle.

Billy Allen
Independent lateral control for great lift and tongue pressure for responsive stops. The limited travel keeps the snaffle from excess pressure on the outside bars. Sweet iron mouth with copper roller. Popular with cutters, reiners, team penners.

Slick 50™
This ingenious design gives the independent lateral control of the Hinged port but breaks in the middle like a snaffle. It causes a horse to bend in the ribs while keeping the shoulder and the head in the correct position. Perfect for younger or light-mouthed horses and is a good transition from a snaffle.

Three 'N One™
Copper rollers spread across tongue to promote leverage on the bars and tongue pressure. Copper rings are good for nervous horses.

Dr. Tom™
A Bristol type bit. Three piece mouth gives wraparound pressure on the bars and spreads pressure across the tongue. Nice transition bit from a snaffle to a shank.

Twisted Witch™
A more severe mouthpiece ideal for tuning and intermittent training. Used alternately it softens the mouth, making the horse more responsive to their regular bit. Available in a hex (less severe) or square (more severe) twist.

Double Cross™
Many trainers favor this bit over a snaffle for young horses. Unique design restricts the horse from getting its tongue over the mouthpiece. A mild bit that gives remarkable control while keeping the head down. Easily accepted by the majority of horses.
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Flat concave port with comfortable copper rollers offers gentle delay before making contact. A bit with a lot of feel and rate. Recommended for use on a finished horse.
Equalizer™ with Roller

Pro Roller Correction™
Unique ballhinge design and perfectly balanced. Promotes correct head carriage and super rear end collection. Amazing feel with no dead spot. Designed with, built for and endorsed by America's leading trainers.

A favorite training and performance bit of World Class Cutter and Reiners! This bit has incredible feel, flex and control. Gets respect without fear.

Hinge Port™
The independent movement of the ported mouthpiece offers lateral control. Works great for lifting a shoulder and positioning the horse.
Eliminator Hinge Port™

Square Port
Good tongue relief and pressure on the bars.
Also available with a roller which is good for fidgety or nervous horses.

High Port
An old favorite of ropers. Also popular with Western Pleasure for promoting upright body position, collection and correct head carriage.

Medium Port
Slight port offers tongue relief without interfering with the roof of the mouth. Upright body positioning and moderate control.

Medium Low Port

Low Port

Allows tongue relief yet maintains pressure for correct head set and body positioning. Easily accepted by most horses.

Crown Royal™
Correction Spade™
Ace of Spades™
Southern Comfort™
Sheridan Half-Breed™